2016 Deep Clean & Declutterfeatured

This 2016, I’ve challenged myself by deep cleaning and decluttering my apartment. I want to begin the new year with a fresh and light atmosphere and how better to achieve this than with your living space? Also, I find it much easier to focus on my resolutions and goals when my surroundings are neat and Read more

2016 Resolutions

2016 Resolutionsfeatured

Hi everyone and happy 2016! I am very sorry for disappearing for the last months of 2015. To be honest, my inspiration to write was seemingly buried beneath the stress from school and the winter holiday’s time commitments. With the initiation of a new year, it has become yet a temporal milestone to renew (and hopefully Read more

How do you “do it all?”

How do you “do it all?”featured

Time. It’s something many of us feel there’s not enough of. Unfortunately, unlike money or food, it’s not a resource we can generate more of. Therefore, time is a limited and valuable resource we must carefully spend. However, lately, I’ve been feeling that I never complete everything I want or need to because I never have Read more

Purchase Experiences, Not Things

Purchase Experiences, Not Thingsfeatured

One thing I wholeheartedly enjoy about our relationship is how we always go on adventures. Our money is spent, not solely on stuff, but on experiences. For his birthday in September, he didn’t ask for a fancy watch or new headphones. For his birthday, we flew to and spent a weekend in San Francisco. I’ve visited family there before, Read more

Stop Multi-tasking

Stop Multi-taskingfeatured

I work from home on weekends and distractions are everywhere: TV, music, Youtube, email, video games, snacking. It’s too easy to stray from the immediate task. Some even justify these distractions as multi-tasking. For me, working during an episode of Parks and Recreation would actually be answering an email or two during a commercial. This is not Read more

Minimalist Schoolbag [Male Edition]

Minimalist Schoolbag [Male Edition]featured

Hello everyone! September is here and most of us have already embarked on the new academic year. For those who don’t know, I’ve graduated with my Associate’s Degree in English and I am attending a California State University to complete my Bachelor’s Degree. In high school, I remember a friend who carried everything in her backpack. Read more

Be with Family

Be with Familyfeatured

First, I want to apologize for my extended leave from Life so Dandy.  July’s end and August thoroughly sapped my time and attention. These recent events, both joyful and grievous, occurred in such close succession. I was exhausted. To summarize: 7/20-7/29: Visit grandpa @ hospital after work 7/24: Nikki’s and Oliver’s wedding 7/30-8/01: Las Vegas for Allysa’s birthday 8/01-8/02: Read more

Sunshine Blogger Awardfeatured

Laura Beth from How to Get Rich Slowly has nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! First off, thank you for nominating me; I’m very excited to participate! Below are a few questions I’ve been requested to answer. If you had the time and inclination to start a second blog, what would it be about? I’d probably want Read more

My Thoughts on Moving Out

My Thoughts on Moving Outfeatured

The countdown is 1 week from today until we  move in into our new apartment! I think what I’m most excited about is that wonderful “fresh start” feeling. New furniture in new rooms, new scenery in a new city, new morning and new evenings, new. I’ve been so busy lately with the apartment and my cousin’s wedding. I’m Read more

9 Great Articles and Videos on Minimalism

9 Great Articles and Videos on Minimalismfeatured

Blonde on a Budget: The Year I . . . Completed a Yearlong Shopping Ban Light by Coco: Studio Apartment Tour  [Youtube] mnmlist: minimalism isn’t traveling the world with nothing The Minimalists: The Minimalism Paradox How to Get Rich Slowly: The 3 Rules of Minimalism Sugar Mamma TV: Minimalism and Money [Youtube] Be More With Less: 25 Ways to Simplify Your Read more